SPC-500  Semi Automatic cutting machine

Designed to enable binderies, copy centres and owners of hand-operated binding machines to cut spools of wire for hand insertion. It is also perfect for people who want to enter the business of supplying boxes of cut wire to offices.

The mechanical parts are sturdy and simple to operate, following the same principle as all the other Rilecart products.


After setting the required number of wire loops and cut lengths into the computer, the operator then presses the foot pedal and the wire is automatically fed into position and cut. The unit is easily foot operated.

As the operator is packing the previously cut wire, the cutter is processing the next wire length so the cutting cycle is never delayed.


Uses wires on spools in all diameters and pitches from 3/16” to 1-1/4”.

Cuts a minimum of three loops.

Cut length can be specified in loops, as well as quantities.

Operated by footswitch or by continuous cycle.

Spool unwinder with paper winder included


Hanger feeder for 100-300 mm. hangers.

Hanger former 100-300 mm. for straight hangers.

Remote assistamìnce module.


220/240 VAC single phase 50/60 Hz; 1 Kw

H 1840 x D 678 x L 1142 mm.

190 Kg.